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Friends, on all questions you can address:

e-mail: info@beaverknife, .: +7-926-503-1774 

or write personally to me: Kirill Bobrovsky, kirill@beaverknife.ru
.......and in advance excuse for my English... :))))
If you want to be aware of our events and to receive messages on changes on the website, you can subscribe for our pages in hated to us anti-Social networks. :)))))


We participate the subjects in forums close to us: 

Russian bushcraft portal bushcraftru.com 

Russian Guns portal  GUNS.RU



How to buy 

       To get our knife just write e-mail (or call, but my spoken english it is far from an ideal) - you will be answered by the living person who will be responsible both for quality, and for understanding, and for cost, and for consultations, and for delivery. We will discuss all questions as friends, and we will solve as as it is more convenient. We are in the north of Moscow, or in a workshop isn't far from Tver. In these cities we can meet, you will be able to feel and take away knives and other from BeaverKnife. For other cities the standard scheme such: You order, we do, and we send a photo. If it is pleasant - 100% payment, and transfer at your expense by any convenient way. 



       Options on payment any, convenient to you. The easiest and most reliable way to pay if you are not in Russia - using PayPal. We will send you a digital invoice that can be paid.



      Delivery abroad can be made in any of Your proposed method, if it can be done from Moscow.The most simple and reliable variant - Federal post of Russia. Shipping paid by the customer. International shipping cost is $20. The average delivery time is 2-3 weeks.



       I guarantee to 100% a refund if the knife wasn't pleasant to you, and you have sent me him back not later than 3 days from the moment of receiving. Without deep ineradicable scratches and traces of the barbarous address!!! Without explanation. The knife has to become for you darling, and on another it isn't interesting to us! And ыtandard warranty Terms under the laws of the Russian Federation are of course.



      Because shipping between the countries is quite expensive, it is pointless to say that we give a lifetime warranty. Nevertheless, it is true! And we always decide together how we should act in a particular case, if the shipping costs exceed the reasonable meaning, but with a knife there will be something bad. Well as friends we buy as friends we serve. Friends are when two worthy. It is simpler to me to take away the broken knife, to return all money and to hang up data of the boor on knife internet-source...


BiverКnife can be BeaverKnife only on BiverKnife website! 

       Yes!     But, unfortunately, it isn't always reasonable to operate only with own sales. BeaverKnife can periodically be available for sale of some online stores for our own promoting, and also for some federal network shops that all had an opportunity "to feel" BeaverKnife before purchase. Certainly, information on such places will be published HERE DIRECTLY HERE AND ONLY HERE!, that you could be sure that you buy a sensible knife, but not "the Chinese canned food".... :) 

Today BeaverKnife can be acquired only on the website www.beaverknife.com (www.beaverknife.ru).



Legal details BeaverKnife company: