Bushcraft knife 

 BeaverKnife Bushcraft 'Thorn' 

Modernism and the middle ages coupled with charisma, power and sophistication. The embodiment of modern bushcraft-nestroeniya. Knife for those who are bored with the classic. 

Handmade, affordable cost!


Standart Knife parameters: 

  • Blade size: thickness of +-4,0 mm (depends on work of the Smith), width - 31 mm, blade length - 112 mm, mm handle 120 length;  
  • Blade steel: D2; Knife weight: 260 gr. (depends on forging thickness); 
  • Finishing processing of a blade: structural matting; 
  • Handle material: Micarta of different flowers; 
  • Finishing processing of the handle: polishing; 
  • Accessories: aluminum tubules, internal diameter are 7 mm, external diameter is 8 mm; 
  • Descents: the Scandinavian geometry "in 0", the general corner 30gr.;
  • Sharpening: no, any microsupplies and to that similar, only classical Scandinavian descents 30gr. "in 0". CAREFULLY - a knife indecently sharp! 


Knife - Sword! 

       English classic knife, created by ray Mears, of course, gorgeous and completely self-sufficient. But relatively boring. At some point I want to put his hand in something equally functional and comfortable, but more fashionable and fresh. The brightest of our elders, whom we follow, and completely share in their love to the resulting result is well-known workshops such as Adventure Sworn , ChyRose.... A fresh look at classical shapes, updating, whirlwind of modernity and innovation without losing grace, and not a drop of militarism! Gorgeous modern bushcraft knives, not so boring as the English classics, not as brutal and utilitarian as modern Americans, but all equally comfortable and versatile in everyday life, any lover of wildlife. 

       It is not our blind imitation of fashion! This unity of views, aimed in one direction! Touch with modern trends bushcraft-knives, and join our unity! :) 

       Don't kill the powerful "crowbar", with volume handle thickness XXL - new experience from a classic English blade. Different from the classics even more anatomical handle, which at its thickest point with a thickness of about 3 cm.... The total height our classic knife stored but it is more anatomical handle, the middle part of the handles more rounded and full, the tail part sophisticated. The knife evokes a feeling of the medieval sword is a reliable and faithful companion of any traveler. 

       Externally, the knife swept and pointed, like a powerful spike (Thorn - Thorn), and is equally amazing in large and small hand. 'Thorn' - knife for Man! The ladies, clearly, will cause a feeling of excess capacity, weight, and brutality :) Perhaps the knife is the smallest, barely noticeable drop is less convenient to work than the classic due to a more arrowhead shape, but taking it in hand, you're willing to forgive him anything!


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Execution options available:

BeaverKnife Bushcraft 'AMERICA' Standart
BeaverKnife Bushcraft 'AMERICA' Standart
Black or Green Convas Mikarta. Without sheath. Please visit "Accessories".
$ 140 
<p>Add color G10 liners&nbsp;</p>

Add color G10 liners 

$ 22