Standart knives of BeaverKnife 

      Well, friends, it is time to apologize to you long ago for the fact that we have so deeply gone to a subject of custom works. We ask to excuse most obediently! Certainly, it is more favorable to us to make one custom expensive knife... But not always magnificence of finishing and materials is justified, and at me in constant use our simplest serial knife which isn't a pity for using for all 100%. 

       BeaverKnife thought, first of all, as the tool. The tool available concerning competitors English and American, available as from the point of view of dates of receipt, and cost!!! 

       And here, the stage, new to us, has come. We are glad to offer production models of our forest knife. The set of options of production has been worked and rejected - several Chinese are broken in half, several Koreans are fed with sauerkraut with kittens, liters  drunk of vodka with our rural mechanics, and as a result, we have spat on ephemeral optimization, and have just developed the small line of mass production in ours, now rather close workshop, having formed knife cost such for which it is just interesting to be engaged in all this. And further we will look....


We formulate the basic principles of the concept of standart knives of BeaverKnife so: 

1. Handmade 

       Yes. Only this way, and in any way differently. There are not material things which can't be measured, and they "are read" only in a knife by the handmade specific Master! We do everything that in our knives these things were. In each knife. Machines, the equipment, mechanization and automation are yes, and the more and better, the better, but the knife always is in process of production in the person Master's hands. We are deeply convinced of "emptiness" of the CNC-product. The CNC-knife is able to cut, and our knife has to also fascinate!

2. Standardization

       All knives of one model are identical by the geometrical sizes. Standard materials of the greatest possible quality are fixed. Change of materials transfers a knife to the category of custom work. Two knives of one model - as two brothers, are made on templates, and in case of loss it is possible to get one more just the same. Eternal euphoria, Friends... :)

3. Minimum level of finishing

       Minimum of labor costs on polishing, licking of motes and other tinsel which is peculiar to custom knives, but without elegance loss the European of bourgeois forms. Beauty and usability. The most working knife which relatively isn't a pity for using for any tasks and which will become dusty literally... but in the field, but not on the shelf! A real difference with custom knives only in metall polishingt, no liners, and on the handle not a wood.

4. The knife isn't completed with a sheath

     It can be received without sheath (it demanded), or complete with any sheath of BeaverKnife, having in addition chosen pleasant in the section "ACCESSORIES".


5. Knife available. It can be received here and now! 

        Standart knives are available to purchase right now.  Important point of the concept... The most important point! ;)