Bushcraft knife 

BeaverKnife Bushcraft 'America' 

The best utility hunting knife according to BeaverKnife! 

       Current trends of bushcraft-forms of the American continent + stories of "England" + the Scandinavian, checked in the millennia Contents. Choose that is closer to you, and it will be in a knife of "Bushcraft America"! 

Handwork, affordable cost!


Knife parameters: 

  • Blade size: thickness of +-4,0 mm (depends on work of the Smith), width - 32 mm, blade length - 115 mm, mm handle 122 length;  
  • Blade steel: D2; Knife weight: 240 gr. (depends on forging thickness); 
  • Finishing processing of a blade: structural matting; 
  •  Handle material: Micarta of different flowers; 
  • Finishing processing of the handle: polishing; 
  • Accessories: aluminum tubules, internal diameter are 7 mm, external diameter is 8 mm; 
  • Descents: the Scandinavian geometry "in 0", the general corner 30gr.;
  • Sharpening: no, any microsupplies and to that similar, only classical Scandinavian descents 30gr. "in 0". CAREFULLY - a knife indecently sharp! 


Особенности ножа:

Dear friends, 

       We represent our own look on Mora 2000 with bright accent on American hunting and bushcraft knives, and with full perfectionistic skandi in "0"! This is absolutely not big-bellied Mora 2000, but also not absolutely wedge-shaped Englishman... 

       This knife is addressed, first of all, to hunters and fishers whose life is inconceivable without elements of a bushcraft. Result of our long experiments was the knife which cuts, planes and scrapes a butt just as classical English bushcraft knife. It is notable more conveniently in cutting of fish/meat and for the field kitchen in general. Loses in drilling a little, but possesses more powerful tip for carving tasks.

       In difference from "Classic" model, this knife have more American lines and on a handle - it higher and narrow. At the BeaverKnife "Classic" model the form of the handle is closer to a barrel, and has the maximum thickness of 27 mm, at the same time the form of the form gives him accuracies, grace and refinement. And at "America" the handle almost flat on sides, has slightly less expressed anatomichnost elements, but has kept sufficient thickness in 21-22 mm that not face value a hand (18-19 it is already sick). Full filling of a palm is provided with slightly bigger height of blank of a knife! The serious full-size and very convenient in a hand hunting knife. BeaverKnife interpretation!

..... well, of course, for those who understand! ;)))


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Execution options available:

BeaverKnife Bushcraft 'AMERICA' Standart
BeaverKnife Bushcraft 'AMERICA' Standart
Black or Green Convas Mikarta. Without sheath. Please visit "Accessories".
$ 140 
<p>Add color G10 liners&nbsp;</p>

Add color G10 liners 

$ 22