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'Canada Special' 

The origins, history, you will not forget. Great knife, marked path special Bushcraft knives. The real grandfather of bushcraft, coined a wonderful Canadian writer and naturalist by Mors Kochanski. 

 Handmade, affordable cost!




Standart Knife parameters: 

  • Blade size: thickness of +-4,0 mm (depends on work of the Smith), width - 32 mm, blade length - 112 mm, mm handle 120 length;  
  • Blade steel: D2; 
  • Knife weight: 250 gr. (depends on forging thickness); 
  • Finishing processing of a blade: structural matting; 
  • Handle material: Micarta of different flowers; 
  • Finishing processing of the handle: polishing; 
  • Accessories: aluminum tubules, internal diameter are 7 mm, external diameter is 8 mm; 
  • Descents: the Scandinavian geometry "in 0", the general corner 30gr.;
  • Sharpening: no, any microsupplies and to that similar, only classical Scandinavian descents 30gr. "in 0". CAREFULLY - a knife indecently sharp! 



"The beast of bushcraft"! 

       One day, one of our friends asked him to make this knife - Skookum Bush Tool Mors Kochanski's. And we did, of course, conceding the form and content of the Mors knife through BeaverKnife vision :) 

        Definitely - it's not a real Skookum Bush Tool. The real knife can be purchased here: http://www.skookumbushtool.com. It will be a knife made with a certain carelessness, with a blade from carbon steel (although, there is a choice) and a thickness of about 3 mm; length: 215mm, width 26mm, handle and blade equally - 105 mm. Weigh this thing bude about 190 grams, and will be Packed in the sheath, more like wearing a sock. If You want to buy it, be prepared to wait about 2-3 (two-three) YEARS in the waiting list. When the knife will be ready for You, you will send an email and you will need to pay it within 14 days. If you fail, the knife will leave the next interested person on the waiting list...... What I worked so hard..:))))) 

       Actually, this knife was the source of all bushcraft knives at the dawn of this concept. You can refer to the books by Morse, since they are written in relatively easy-to-read English, in which he describes clearly the techniques of using a knife and an axe in the woods. In General, we can open any book on tourism in the Soviet Union era, and will see almost a literal translation of the books of Morse, only slightly adapted to the different measure of corruption of our authors. 

       I'm not ready to agitate for a Mors's form, but one thing is certain - as soon as you take this knife in hand, you know what to give it will already be difficult. It is inexplicable. Of course, this applies to the knife BeaverKnife 'Canada Special' and not to the source, because I personally, unfortunately, have not yet come across. However, this concept bushcraft knife quite a lot of fans, and we will gladly help you to realize your dream.


Very good the right knife................ for those who understand...;) ! 

       Yes, that's right. The knife is very good, but has the specificity. This knife is not suitable torn valiant chef-militarist, which can accidently be lost, and then, perhaps, even find.... :) . Knife addressed to deeply understand the people who want to develop skills bushcraft, conquering the hearts of the sons and grandsons a depth of knowledge about the physics of nature, like our ancestors, and will apply to the knife as the most dear and important TOOL! The concept of the Skookum Bush Tool means sooooo thin and long tip which allows you to make a truly jewelry work. To break tip I have not tried but have a feeling that when are not careful handling it is possible. And here we always go to a meeting, and try to improve on Your knife from BeaverKnife such trouble if it happen within our lifetime warranty! :) 


A knife with history! 

        Making the knife, we drew attention to one very remarkable moment. The knife is sooooo similar to very popular in Russia "Yakutian knife". A little digging in the Internet, in our theory, everything fell into place - Canada, where from Morse Kochanski, and Eskimos, who are direct neighbors! And Canada is playing a significant role in the preservation of these tribes and communities. And the Eskimos, Chukchi, Yakuts, Evenks, etc. - it's not swearing, but numerically small indigenous peoples of the North, and it is also very close by blood and territory neighbors.... This, my personal opinion on the matter - the primary source of the Skookum Bush Tool knife Mors Kochanski could be so well known to us "Yakutian knife". Mors only brought him in divine form, made of normal pieces of iron, and sharpened on both sides, because it's more convenient. :) The sheath is also "out there" - the Northern Nations did the sheath removed from the stocking of the skin of the tail of cattle, and were inserted inside the liner from the tree. And the liner that is not holding the knife, but defended it, especially the tip from breakage.... The wide mouth of the sheath the Skookum Bush Tool is also very convenient - it is easier to get a knife. That is why the Classic sheath BeaverKnife we do mouth as wide as possible. 


More nuances.. 

       The knife BeaverKnife 'Canada Special' we do a little drop-point - bevel tip down from a straight line, so as not to penetrate the sheath, when the knife goes in them, anyway, it is comfortable and beautiful. :) 

       In our opener, as in the original, five pins-pins. Three solid, and two through the tubular. Not just. In a tube can be inserted metal rod, and the design begins to work, for example how a mini-guillotine. Or a spear can be done tightly primatv the knife to the stick with cord..... If you have a clear understanding of why IT is You, then we can make on the contrary - three tubular, two solid.... 

       A metal heel. The primary source is a steel spot welded to the form of the knife, and serving as a likeness of the heel of the hammer. Unfortunately, our technological infrastructure allows us to do this beautifully. Or the brain is not enough.... It does not matter. Here, most of the internal opposition of labor and the real applicability of such a heel. To score something sensible with the "hammer" of such weight does not work, and any trifle clogged just by the knife handle, holding the blade. Small nails are hammered the butt of the knife. Large nails with a knife are not clogged.... Thus, the idea of the heel is certainly interesting, but yet the heel is designed as a simple shank. 

       And this knife cuts like a GOD! :) 

 In General, friends, meet modern Yakut knife in the interpretation BeaverKnife! 

 .......Yakutian knife, which fixed all the flaws! :)

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Execution options available:

BeaverKnife Bushcraft 'Canada Special' Standart
BeaverKnife Bushcraft 'Canada Special' Standart
Black or Green Convas Mikarta. Without sheath. Please visit "Accessories".
$ 150 
<p>Add color G10 liners&nbsp;</p>

Add color G10 liners 

$ 22