BeaverKnife is a knife which favourite it isn't simple, and loved by YOU! So, many will want that he was not only functional and beautiful, but also unique. We very much want that BeaverKnife became your darling and for the rest of life! 

      Your choice in CustomShop BeaverKnife is a material and a form of the handle, color of liners, a format and thickness of pins, a configuration and color of a sheath. We will make for you unique, favourite and "correct" Bushcraft a knife for the rest of life which will become your reflection and a mascot. For this purpose we here!!!! 

       BeaverKnife Custom Shop = Choose by BeaverKnife Standart model for a basis + your imagination + 2 weeks to wait. And what's all !!!... :) 

       Friends, include your unique imagination, and we with love and huge interest will realize it!

How it works:

You choose one of our base models of BeaverKnife

Unfortunately, we don't produce knives on other people's templates - only our models...

Together we choose the materials for Your knife: handle, pins, liners, configuration and color of the sheath... If the handle is wood, we will offer specific wood choice as long as You don't poke your finger with the words - "want it"! :) Determine the final cost of the kit.

All of our custom knife steel D2, "cooked" very "delicious" and "right"! :)

Within 2 weeks You will get the resulting photos for You kit, and will be able to make a decision about the payment.

Prepayment is not required. In paragraph 2 we will fix the price if the kit will like you.

If our work You like, You pay 100% of the cost. Standard international payment - PayPal or other convenient to you.

If something in the photo not like it, then You refuse the knife. We will offer to do for You other kit.

Send Our wonderful knife in Your wonderful hands. Sending is not the fastest, but reliable way - Russia Federal Mail (

Cost of International shipping is $20. The average time for international delivery is about two weeks.

Having now Your "Beaver" within 3 business days You can change your mind and send the knife back to us without explanation. We will refund the full cost of the knife. Our knife should be like in all aspects, and on the other we're not interested! ;)

Postage at Your expense.
BeaverKnife Custom Shop Knives
BeaverKnife Custom Shop Knives
Perhaps not big surcharge in case of are very expensive wood grades, for example, a snakewood.
$ 210 


     Below photos of knives, which as much as possible reflect diversity of possible options are placed, and, we hope, they will be able to help to be defined. Also you can send own ideas on materials and a configuration. In the description of a photo - the short description of materials of a knife. For receiving a photo in the best quality, open a photo, press on him the right mouse, and choose "To open in a new tab / window".