BeaverKnife is I, Kirill Bobrovsky (Beaver's-men on in literal translation into English:)), my family, a number of friends, companions, mercenaries, pair of armored personnel carriers, the old helicopter..... a workshop in the Tver region on the bank of Volga-river, and, of course, a cat by nickname... well a matter of course - the Beaver! :))) 
       Knife making for me is not means of livelihood, but creative requirement. I earn on to eat I so far absolutely other kind of activity. This website - an opportunity for me to develop as knifemaker, and means to share an opportunity to test the knife checked centuries by northern people of the world in business with persons interested. Though, perhaps, once it is proud I will be able to tell - Now i am full time knifemaker! :) 
       Production of a knife, it is similar to sorcery when from a rusty piece of iron and a leg of an old chair all is cut superfluous, and inside just lies and he is silent - the Knife! You get him, and he begins to speak - to call you in the wood, on the river, to adventures - only the real working knife calls for action, the others only produce dreams and imaginations... Sorcery, not differently. Gives unforgettable minutes. 
       But sorcery is science! Science from about 50 consecutive operations. And if I have performed the 6th operation with a mistake, then you learns about it somewhere around the 47th. And all at first....


       I am engaged in knives in any different relatively recently. Everything is relative. And has begun with the fact that I at the uncle of one man have seen a knife marvelous. And so I needed suddenly such to have.... well you have understood - classical English bushcraft knife from Woodlore with Ray Mears's label. After the analysis of cost of offers I was captured by an unmerciful toad - not the most not expensive offer from the cool Sandi Jack started from 200 pounds without very problematic delivery to Russia. A Bark River are good too, but the most popular models are forbidden in Russia to free carrying by the law....  Also the total preponderance in our local shops really universal has enraged (equally lousy doing everything for what it is adapted) a pop-configuration with descents from a butt and supplies of different types and corners. Normal knives of the Scandinavian or convex grinde at reasonable price systemically are done by NOBODY!!! 

       Well, the hand without reasonings of any different equipment on which cost in the sum it is possible to buy not one ten these English or the American  knives was raised to buy, and I have begun to make myself happy..... for, friends, acquaintances, etc. Now and for all comers :)